Instead of the usual categories, we’ll do a quick breakdown of the games. 

Adam Schefter’s Sources vs Dez Still Caught It:

The NFC East turned Fantasy matchup was all you’d want when two rivals are shooting harpoons across the bow. The players came out guns a’ blazin’ as both sported the historic Ja’Marr Chase game-breaking performance. How historic was the day for Chase? Chase’s second half yards alone totaled more than any other receiver’s on the week. He is 11 yards away from tying the single season receiving yard total held by Chad Ochocinco; and he has already surpassed all of AJ Green’s single season records. You’re glad you played him, but it was probably a bitter sight to see the neutralization. 

Moving to running backs, we saw another wash-out where both RoJo and Cook utterly flopped but Ekeler and David Montgomery succeeded. Miller’s team has the nominal edge by 0.5. The misfires keep coming with a humble 10.2 outing by Tyreek that netted 0 difference making points. Meanwhile brand-name TEs Andrews and Kelce practically tied for a 1.5 edge to the Raven. That’s where the evenness stops and Jake took over though. A modest overtaking at the QB position was only the beginning for the final three mismatches where the Sources trounced Dez with kicking and defensive near shutouts. 

3 seed Jake advances to the finals, while 7 seed Miller can still claim more prize money in a fight for third. And in a perhaps farfetched scenario, the Eagles takedown the team from Dallas. 

 The Good Guys vs Judge Jeudy: 

This matchup came down to the wire, folks! These teams saw three important same-plays in Mahomes, Aaron Jones, and the Saints Defense. And each of those double-ups would have proven key in the instance of a different, utilized player, as they collectively boomed for nearly 60 combined points. Zane’s Good Guys were in the lead with solid, safe choices in Michel, Lazard, and Cooks. In this league’s scoring, the points can come in droves, but they can also be elusive, as a Zuerlein 1-pointer shows. But this squad still struck luck, boasting double digits from the mercurial tight end position.

David’s team has an uphill struggle and the massive busts of Ronald Jones II and Foster Moreau don’t do him any favors. However, the down-the-stretch savior performance that resident Sun God, Amon-Ra St. Brown afforded the Judge was enough to give this would-be upsettor a chance. It’ll all come down to a Big Ben send off. What will he do in his farewell to Ketchup Field?

Thus, we enter Monday Night Football. And as Eli and Peyton talk turkey with notable role models, Goodell and Aaron Rodgers, your dedicated Commissioner is doing some live scoring. And even though the needle ceased to move after the first half, it was a nail biter as Claypool drops catch after catch. Ultimately, the PPR King Diontae ‘Ball Catcher” Johnson secured a spot in the finals for Judge Jeudy and his merry court with a goal-line touchdown.

14 seed Judge Jeudy continues his upset streak in the finals; and The Good Guys pick up the pieces to vie in the 3rd place battle.  

Only one more week as we call it for the inaugural year of this league. Hope you enjoyed! 

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