Week 2 and Week 1 Recap

Week One is officially in the books in spectacular fashion. There were some upsets, some questionable coaching decisions, and of course plenty, plenty, plenty of Fantasy madness. 

This serves as the weekly TNF reminder to input any Chiefs or Chargers into your lineup if you wish to play them for Week 2. 

Furthermore, please let me know if you had any snafus or questions regarding the new spreadsheet system. I don’t want anyone to feel left behind. 

Anyways, for those new to the league, I write a recap for each week. Here’s the first edition! 

Highest Scorer:

Freak of Nature (167.22): This comes as no surprise to yours truly. Sel’s squad of superlatives rocked in Week 1. Did he expend high capital on the likes of Saquon, Hurts, JTT, and A.J Brown? Sure, but it’s week one. No one knows anything, so Sel said let’s go out and win – no matter the cost. What is impressive though, is finding the one bright spot in the midst of a Dallas Detonation. Dalton Schultz clocked in at Tight End #6 on the week, owing to his 7-9 reception ratio. The athletes ahead of him are the “murderer’s row” of Will Dissly, Gerald Everett, Taysom Hill, OJ Howard, and Zeus himself. Notching 9 points with both your kicker and D can’t hurt either. A Fantasy Godfather himself, Freak of Nature will be a team to watch this season. 

Honorable mention: Women in S.P.O.R.T.S 

Biggest Blowout

Mister Commissioner vs Women in S.P.O.R.T.S (91.04)Welcome to the league Women in S.P.O.R.T.S. Everyone, give a bow and a round of applause to Brooke who is entering her inaugural year of Fantasy Football. In the same vein as Freak of Nature, she left no room for error, opting for a slate of killers in week one. Headlining this roster of future HOFers is of course Patrick Mahomes. The weird-voiced legend has an incredible record in September. In the 14 games he’s started in during National Square Dance Month, he has thrown for 4,604 yards with 46 tuddies. Oh, and a mere 3 interceptions.  However, a blowout is incomplete without a collapse. Mister Commissioner suffered many blows in Week One. Perhaps, none so withstanding as a Dak dud. In fact, only two players accounted for double-digit points. It is a shame that he expended Fournette, a valuable pass-catching RB, in a loss. Good luck to the Women in S.P.O.R.T.S; let’s break that glass ceiling! 

Honorable mention: Bob Barker’s House of Pain facing a blank lineup from the man Shan from Kan. 

Closest Match:

The Kingpins of Crime vs Scrantonicity 4 (8.2): Divisional rivalries have a way of stoking flames. I copied and pasted this write-up format from last year. And guess what, I only needed to change it from Scran 3 to Scran 4. However, last year, The Kingpins were the losers. This year they get to emerge victorious from the week one bloodbath. The Crimelords found some diamonds in the rough with Kirk and Dotson, while the Scrantonions were banking on a Denver explosion. With our new live scoring formatting, you could’ve watched this tilt evolve in real-time. If you did, you would’ve seen an excruciating slow trickle of points from Wilson, Fant, and Penny. For the record, Penny looked like a worthy starter. And who knows, if new Head Coach Hackett had let his $250 Million QB attempt a 4th & 5, perhaps Matthew’s squad would’ve pulled it out. But it’s a fool’s errand to look backwards and wonder what if. 

Honorable mention: Ridley Casino Emporium vs Dez Still Caught It (9.2)

Biggest Bust

Mike Davis (1.1 points): Those who played Mike Davis were likely in the buzz of hearing that Baltimore would feature Davis as the lead back until Dobbins’ return. Cue Donald Trump’s voice: WRONG. Even though Kenyan Drake was the leading Fantasy scorer, you wouldn’t even be happy with him. How far we’ve fallen from Lamar’s MVP year where Harbaugh unleashed a rushing clinic on team after team. Since then, the running back position for the Ravens has been more akin to the Defense against Dark Arts position at Hogwartz – turnover and disappointment, with the occasional appearance-changing potion. How did Mr. Davis accumulate his total? On two attempts he rallied 11 yards. Cue facepalm. 

Honorable Mention: Elijah Mitchell 4.1

Best Find

Curtis Samuel (19.2):In a positively inspired choice, one of the two Eagles fans in this league chose to roster the former IR mainstay Curtis Samuel. Last year, Fantasy analysts were high on Samuel, considering that former coach Ron Rivera paid the Swiss Army Knife a big bag of cash. However, he could simply not stay on the field. Add insult to injury, and throw in Wentz to the equation. Suddenly, you have Choke-A-Palooza on your hands. Yet, sometimes, just when you think it’s too crazy…it just might work. Curtis Samuel was electric. In fact, his near 20-point total rocketed Joe’s Jalen team to victory, buoying the disappointments of Pierce, Davis, and Tonyan. In a league like this, finding the right guy at the right time is the only key to victory. Kudos to the way too long team name of Jalen Hurts Better Be Good Or Else.

Weekly Oddity

I promise I’ll give a real oddity. But I think the most appropriate weekly oddity is that this worked. This league was just an idea a few months ago. Yet, with an immense amount of coding knowledge (courtesy of the week one losers Scrantonicity 4), some recruiting, and ingenuity, this came together. We have teams inputting rosters from Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, many cities in Kentucky, the country of Turkey, Kansas, New York, Tennesee, the District of Colombia, and parts unknown. Most of you likely don’t know many of the teams, but we all love football. This brings us together. And we’re back! 

A real oddity: Christian Kirk was played by four teams and despite posting a respectable WR #19 17.7 points, only one team won with him. Bummer.

I hope you enjoyed the writeup and have a great end to your week and weekend! 

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