Week 2 Rosters and Scores

Attached are the weekly results and the updated standings. Please keep trying to get me your rosters by Saturday midnight. Otherwise, enjoy the write up below and have a great week! Week 3 will be the last Divisional matchup for a few weeks FYI. 

Highest Scorer

Skid Marks:  Much like Zane’s team last week, Skid Marks’ squad performed with flawless execution. It was business as usual for Aaron Rodgers who threw 3 TDs, Tyler Lockett who caught one ‘moonball’ after another, and HOFer Rob Gronkowski who has seemingly been doused in the Fountain of Youth. I could write more about Cooks remaining relevant on his 4th team or about the respectable RB points, but the 168 total point tally truly does speak for itself. And good thing too that this team put up the high-flying score, because Freak of Nature was right on the heels of Brian’s squad with a total of 157.52. Sel’s team would have beat every other roster this week except Femme Footbales, who once again touted an impressively high score this week of 157.66.  

Biggest Blowout

why am i doing this: Unsurprisingly, Min’s Mannschaft fell victim to the ‘letter of the law’ biggest blowout, suffering a loss of 75.12 to Kenneth’s Boswells. However, if Min had submitted a lineup, it’s likely he would’ve eked out a win, considering that ‘She Sucks My Boswell’ put together the league’s lowest (non-0) point total. Kenneth stole a dub here. But now for Sarah’s ‘why am i doing this’. A reluctant participant to begin with, Sarah has been trudging through like a lost dog in this league, repeatedly telling me that she has no hope to do well in this league. Well, there’s been an upset in Week 2 when she beat ‘The Krusty Krabb Pizzas’ by a sizable 55.38 points. Well done, Sarah – I hope you’ve answered the question of why, indeed, you are doing this. 

Closest Match

Mister Commissioner vs End Zone Jones: I did not have a lot of confidence in my team after I saw End Zone Jones team come into my inbox. The Browns looked poised to run and throw all over the Texans. Anyways, Mr. Commish and the Jones washed on Kareem Hunt and Brady, but I expected big things out of Diggs, Chubb, and Kelce against Monty, Juju, and Fant. That being said, I lucked out from a paltry point four performance from Peoples-Jones and was fortunate enough to get big volume from Sutton and a touchdown from Juju. It was only 3.8 points that gave me a win and End Zone Jones a loss, but sometimes that’s all you need. Honorable mention to Judge Jeudy who edged out Dez Still Caught It to win by a similar margin of 4.1.

Biggest Bust

Browns Pass Catchers: As alluded to earlier, it seems that a lot of people were banking on the Browns offense to beast out on the putrid Houston Texans. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say most people would’ve ranked the Texans as the worst roster, top to bottom, of the whole league. Somehow though, they manage to hang in these games. On the other side of the matchup, Mayfield was efficient – although sparse – through the air throwing 19/21 attempts for just over 200 yards. This may have been because Odell was ruled out, Jarvis went down with a tweaked MCL, and Hunt only saw a single target. Anyways, the acronyms, OBJ and DPJ were played by one team each, while Hunt was played by 6 teams. But the crown bust goes to Landry who was deployed by a whopping 9 teams to total 1.9 points.  17 roster spots were dedicated to Browns pass catchers (and the catching specialist Hunt) and I doubt anyone was satisfied. Honorable mention to Antonio Brown who lapped up 2.7 points for the six teams who sent him in. 

Biggest Find

Touchdown Scoring Defenses: There was no shortage of blowup players this week. From Kupp to McLaurin, or Aaron Jones and James White. Cooks and Williams were played by many teams to top 22 points as well. But I’m going to highlight the Defensive Scoring this week. On the Buccaneers, a safety by the name of Mike Edwards picked off the Falcons twice and returned each catch for 6 points. Meanwhile, Roquan Smith of the Bears intercepted Burrow and returned it to the Chicago end zone. Defense is usually a throwaway roster spot, but when you can be lucky enough to grab 6 secure points, you’re likely to have an edge on your opponent. And while the Patriots did not score, they did get 4 INTs off the Rookie Wilson. Good on all the teams who picked one of these Defenses. Honorable mention to Judge Jeudy who has now cashed in on two consecutive weeks of high flying Arizona wideouts; this week it was Ronadale Moore who exploded for 24.4 points for his team. 

Weekly Oddity

New category for this week. When I received all the rosters, I noticed something pretty interesting. ‘Dak Me Goff’ and ‘Everybody Hates Deshaun’ had the exact same roster. They were even submitted in the same order. To my knowledge, neither of these managers know each other nor have corresponded about roster construction, but both opted to use the same roster. Another commonality: neither won. Coincidence? 

Hope you all enjoyed this and I’ll email you all a lineup reminder on Thursday! 

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