Week 3 Rosters and Scores

Attached are the weekly results and the updated standings. Please keep trying to get me your rosters by Saturday midnight. Otherwise, enjoy the write up below and have a great week! 

Week 3 was the last Divisional matchup for a few weeks, so we’ll finally start to see certain divisions become more competitive and others start to flail. Big congrats to the two undefeated teams at this point: Andie’s Femme Footbales and Gray’s Team Blumpkins. Here’s hoping that you can keep arranging strong rosters. On the other hand, Flom’s Fatal Floms, Luke’s Deshaun in the Wind, and Knapper’s Vanilla Nut Taps are all still looking for their first win. Remember there’s no #1 draft pick on the other side of a winless season. 

Highest Scorer

The Score-box Munchers: What a barnburner this matchup was. The Munchers vs the Boswells. Roommate vs roomie. Both Connor’s and Kenneth’s teams were buoyed by a 54.6 combined performance from Saquon and Mike Williams but that didn’t stop the rest of their rosters from putting up numbers. While Kenneth found some double digit diamonds in the rough in Renfroe, Claypool, Patterson and Blankenship, his downfall was playing Tonyan against Connor’s Kittle. I like to think of Kenneth’s squad as a knockoff Oceans’s 11 who came up just short of the heist. No Clooney bailout here. Connor made a last minute sub for Justin Herbert and deployed Kittle on his best game of the season. Either one of these moves was enough to hoist The Munchers over The Boswells. These teams put up the highest weekly totals of the whole league, but honorable mention to I am the Law for third.

Biggest Blowout

Freak of Nature vs End Zone Jones: This was an interesting matchup to watch as a comedy of errors unfolded in the Doc Division. The total RB points between both teams came from Ty’Son Williams who rallied all of 2.2 points. AJ Brown exited before the half and Marquise Brown dropped three sure-shot touchdown passes. Both teams opted for some of the most mindboggling Quarterback talent the NFL has seen over the past few years in Jackson and Mahomes, but it only counted for paltry performances that were outdone elsewhere by the elite talents of Darnold and Cousins. In the end though, End Zone Jones put his foot down with a dominant Kupp performance and a sharp Broncos play over the Jacksonville Sub-pars to total for 101.8. Somehow scoring just over 100, he was able to record the biggest blowout of the week over Freak of Nature, beating Sel by 33.92. Honorable mention: Austin’s Dak me Goff for sending in a roster to beat The Vanilla Nut Taps who wasted a good Darnold performance and almost certainly would have won had there been complimentary pieces. 

Closest Match

Mister Commissioner vs Skid Marks: Last week I was able to manage a tight victory, but luck only goes so far in the land of football. The Skid Marks beat me by a mere 1.88 points. I’m still shocked that these matchups can get this close when the entire actual NFL’s rosters are available to play. Skid Marks bet big on the Arizona wideouts, but simply picked the wrong two. Meanwhile, Mister Commissioner hoped to trail Lockett and DeVonta Smith’s brilliance, only to be left in the dirt. All that being said, a wise man told me that losers lose. Mister Commissioner looks to do a better job watching film for next week. Honorable mentions: Tons of teams had really close calls this week, with there being margins of eight points, two separate six point margins, and one game won at a 3 point margin of victory. 

Biggest Bust

Ty’Son Williams: After two weeks of putting up 9 rushes for 65 and a TD, and then 13 attempts for 77 plus two catches, Ty’son Williams mustered 22 yards on 5 attempts with a long of 12. However before we saw the ugly game unfold, eight different teams came to the same conclusion for this week: the Ravens are going to run all over Detroit. And all eight of those teams had a humiliating 2.2 plugged in at their RB spot. Last week, Aaron Jones ran 17 times for 67 and a TD, not to mention what he did in the air (6-48-3TD). No one thought Ty’Son is Aaron Jones, but you’d imagine the rushing-est offense this side of the century would produce against meager Detroit! Is the Lion’s front that imposing, or did Baltimore lose control of the steering wheel? Hopefully better days lay ahead for the undrafted rookie.

Biggest Find

Emmanuel Sanders/Mike Gesicki: Mike Williams was clearly the MVP of the league this week as five different teams had the vision to play the number two receiving choice for the Chargers (or is it number one now?). However, this award is for those managers who select someone that no one else had the imagination to pick. Emmanuel Sanders takes the cake for me as the Bills ostensible third option (behind Diggs and Beasley) had only topped 52 in these two weeks without a touchdown. This week the 34 year old hauled in 5 targets for 94 and two touchdowns. And they were some excellent catches at that. I’ll admit that I figured Sanders was left out to pasture, but that shows me for doubting the Buffalo passing game, and kudos to the Krusty Krabb Pizzas who rode Sanders and some other nice finds to a victory. Bonus points for Mike Gesicki who topped both Kelce and Kittle for targets on the week with a whopping 12 shots his way from Mr. BBQ Brissett himself. It’s a shame that Gesicki couldn’t help Zane’s team overcome the three 0’s and 1.8 in his lineup. Honorable mention: Femme Footbales was the only team to play the no-brainer Justin Tucker, but little could she have known that he would break the record for longest field goal – nice find. 

Weekly Oddity

While not a perfect roster match, eagle-eyed roster watchers will notice that The Jewish McCaffreys and Dez Still Caught It matched on 5 starting players! Daniel Jones, Ty’Son Williams, Chase Edmonds, Sterling Shepard, and Noah Fant. Matloff’s McCaffrey’s must’ve been screaming at their TV when Hollywood dropped the three aforementioned 6-point grabs. Furthermore, the teams’ kickers were separated by a point and both rostered respectable defensive performances. The two teams tied for first in their division with a similar coaching mindset. That Grumpy Division will be something to watch.

Hope you all enjoyed this and I’ll email you all a lineup reminder on Thursday! 

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