Week 6 Rosters and Scores

Hello everyone, I hope you all enjoyed a fun football weekend. Attached are the updated rankings and scores. There are some surprising upsets, namely in the Dopey division. Look for that one to be competitive all season long. With one more week before the 1st half point, it does look like a tight race between a number of teams; plan accordingly!

Enjoy the writeup and have a great week! 

Highest Scorer:

End Zone Jones: End Zone Jones lived up to their namesake this week, scoring for a handful of touchdowns. Alan saw that this was a divisional matchup and drew up a master plan: gimme the guys, no half measures. Stalwarts like Josh Allen, Jonathan Taylor, Tyreek Hill, and Mark Andrews (who is barely behind Kelce for fantasy points on the year) are matchup proof even when they don’t get the score- luckily all these guys did. Ironically the riskiest player (#6 overall draft pick, Waddle) shelled out the most for ‘Jones, with 29 points. But that’s an arbitrary marker, when you see that Allen and Taylor practically scored as much. This team has playoff aspirations, securing number one in the Doc division with this win. They could also make a run for the points title. Keeping up with the Jonses might just mean camping out in the home-team’s letters this season. 

Biggest Blowout

Mister Commissioner vs End Zone Jones: In our last matchup, I narrowly edged the End Zones in the week 2 Closest Matchup. Well, I have the displeasure to report that I lost by a big fat 63.34 points. While not the largest blowout of the season, it is the difference this week. It doesn’t feel super great when the highest lookahead Vegas total of the week (Chiefs/WFT @ 54.5) barely meant anything for the sputtering Washington offensive weapons like Gibson and McLaurin. Mister Commissioner couldn’t even count on Patty Mahomes to come through with a monster performance, instead putting up a mundane 23. End Zone Jones clearly took the last narrow loss personally and made your dear ole Commish pay for it. I’ll say this: I’m glad I don’t have to play this guy again. Honorable mention: why am i doing this v Krusty Krab Pizzas: Sarah’s squad continues to self-fulfill their eponymous quest with a blowout of 55.1 

Closest Match:

The Kingpins of Crime vs Scrantonicity 3: From Doc Division to Dopey Division, Scrantonicity 3 defeats the Kingpins of Crime by the nominal margin of 7.04 points. If one examines the weeks leading up to now, you’ll see Tosh’s Kingpins have a pretty tight grip on 1st place till now, even totaling the most divisional points until this week. However, Matthew and his Scranton bunch have been scrapping up some wins to stay in this race. With this win, Scrantonicity 3 is able to vault from 4th to 2nd and has a provisional playoff spot. How did we get here? For starters, the teams neutralized on running backs, and both played atypical, poor performing WRs (Claypool and Williams). They both deployed scoring TE and both had double digit stars in Diggs and Diontae. The real method to Matthew overcoming Tosh was the positional edge of Josh Allen to Mac Jones. This game was won last night with Allen’s fourth quarter 1 yard TD and subsequent 2-PT conversion catch. If McDermott had gone for OT, this might’ve been an even larger margin. Honorable mention: The Good Guys vs Team Blumpkins (7.44 victory to The Good Guys) where Zane’s guys make a statement divisional win against the division leader. 

Biggest Bust

Antonio Gibson (4.4 points): The Chiefs Defense is among the absolute worst in the league this year. Teams have rushed for 799 yards against them over six weeks now and it is bore out by the eye-test. At an average rushing rate of 5.2 yards per clip, opposing teams could automatically stroll down the field should they choose. With all this in mind, Antonio Gibson seemed like a smash play. Sure, he had a lingering shin injury, but that didn’t stop him last week. Furthermore, Gibson has been known to have a nose for the endzone, totaling 11 scores last year, despite not starting the entire season. He scored twice just the previous week against a stout NOLA defense, so the stars appeared to align for the highlight machine to go off. Well he did go off, the same way you flip a light-switch off. He left the game early, leaving our rosters destitute of a big play. Honorable mentions: Chase Claypool (3.7), Mike Williams (4.7)

Best Find

Noah Fant (24.7): Firstly, two big time running backs came through in a big way: Khalil Herbert (19.2) & Jonathan Taylor (28.8). JTT was played by 5 teams, whereas Mr. 3rd string came through for 12/28 teams!! HUGE. But this week, I am giving the belt to Noah Fant who was played by two desperate teams (Fatal Flom’s Min’s Mannschaft). Flom was winless and Min had one notch on the season. It doesn’t take a wild imagination to see that the Fant play directly led to these teams’ success. Subtract Fant’s total and plug in almost any non-top 5 TE and these teams likely lose the week. Noah Fant capitalized largely due to some garbage time targets from Teddy Two Gloves, but in fantasy football, we eat garbage for breakfast and twice on Sundays. Fant may not be the diamond in the rough that I always look forward to seeing rostered by a team or two, but this was a pivotal moment in these teams’ seasons if they have any hope to advance.  

Weekly Oddity

This week I have three oddities to share and I’m sure there are more on the table:

1) Darrell v Darrell. Adam Schefter’s Sources v Dak Me Goff  split Khalil Herbert, so they decided to see the best of the Darrells, pitting Henderson against Williams. Henderson won the grudge match by a slight 0.8. Sounds to me, if you want your kid to be a stud RB, name ’em Darrell. 

2) Only 6 Defenses were played this week: Colts, Cowboys, Bengals, Vikings, Rams, and Steelers. Usually there’s at least one defense that stands alone amidst the 28 fielded teams; however, all of us entered into a mindmeld to choose one of the teams above. The worst scoring option of those six was the Steelers, pulling in 7. Not half bad. 

3) The impossible happened. All across the nation, Browns and Lions fans are pouring champagne. No one will break their record this year: THE WINLESS TEAMS HAVE WON. This week all three of the hopeless, down-trodden, beat-up, no good, rotten teams won their matchups. Divisional at that! Huge congrats to Luke, who has been struggling across many platforms. A golden trophy to Flom who finally bested another team, despite having the most points in his division. And lastly, a round of applause to Knapper who submitted a roster instead of a lonely quarterback and pulled one over on a team. Kudos to you three. Welcome to the league. 

Thanks, hope you enjoyed this, and I’ll send a reminder onThursday! 

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