Week 8 Rosters and Scores

Hello all, here is the weekly writeup. Let me know if you have any questions! 

Highest Scorer:

Coconut Powerhouses: At 147.6 Colin’s Powerhouses finally lived up to their namesakes. Granted, this week did not record the most points across the board we’ve seen over the last two months, but nonetheless a total that hovers around 150 all but guarantees your win. Colin and the Coconuts really wanted a statement win this week, rostering headliners all over the place. AJ Brown and TJ Hockenson boasted imoressive numbers. The Bills special teams units came out to play. But it’s really where this roster didn’t succeed that makes you wonder. James Robinson is usually good for at least 15 and Mahomes is underperforming to say the least. The Coconut Powerhouses could’ve had 200 should a couple things shaken differently, but he didn’t need it in order to take down Judge Jeudy’s squad. 

Biggest Blowout

Tight Ends Only  vs The Kingpins of Crime: 139.16 to 51.86. Phewie. Wow. Boy oh boy. Charlie’s Tight Ends blew the Kingpins of Crime not only out of the water, but out of our stratosphere. Tight Ends Only didn’t necessarily pull out the A-team for this. Sure DK and Jonathan Taylor are premiere players, but this team capitalized on scoring with rookie Pat Freiermuth, JD McKissic, and a stellar performance by Nick Folk. Normally 139.16 would post up a winning margin of 20-10 or so…it usually doesn’t boast a margin of 87.3 points. With Cousins and Moss leading the Kingpins team, Tosh’s roster also sported two 0’s and a (-1) to boot. While not counting roster-no-shows, this is one of the more impressive blowouts. 

Closest Match:

Min’s Mannschaft vs Krusty Krab Pizzas: 92.12 vs 93.7. Rob and the Krusty Krab Pizzas beat out Min’s team by a mere 1.58 points. While neither team shared a single roster spot, they did have multiple score-shares or near shares. Justin Jefferson and Laviska Shenault both earned 4.1 points. Claypool and Landry both notched 10 points. And Min’s Defense and Rob’s kicker put up 7 small ones. The edges Rob pulled on Min were very slight, manifesting in the QB matchup in which Tannehill nearly double Hurts’ total. It still baffles me how these totals can rack up to be within 2 points even when they pull from completely different inspirations.  

Biggest Bust

Devonta Smith: There were no shortage of busts this week. From multiple rosters fielding 0 point players (always feel free to send in a sub if you know someone will be inactive ahead of time) to Jalen Hurts devastating teams with a total shy of a dozen. The Hurts performance is doubly painful when you consider that the Eagles smashed the Lions in a 44-6 loss. Good luck to anyone trying to predict this team from Philly. Speaking of the city of Brotherly Love, I arrive at Devonta Smith. The reigning Heisman Winner feels like he’s had a better season than he really has. In his last four games, he’s hauled in 15 catches for about 175 yards (no scores). This is a far cry from his 7/122 performance just a month ago. Four teams sent Smith out to trot, and those four teams were sorely disappointed when he tallied 2.5 points for this league. Better luck next time. 

Best Find

AJ Brown: The Michaels Carter and Pittman Jr. were excellent this week. So was Josh Allen, Deebo, and Randall Cobb with his two scores. But today I’m giving the belt to one AJ Brown who stepped up when his team needed him most. Not only did the Titans need him, but the four teams in this league who played him did. His 31.5 points directly had a hand in the wins of all his rosterers. That’s what I really like to see out of these Best Finds. It’s one thing to plug in a blue chipper; but if your team didn’t win, was it worth it? AJ Brown has officially gotten back into his swing and fantasy managers should take notice. 

Weekly Oddity

Well it happened – our first (and hopefully only) all-0 tie. Not even a TNF/MNF player could give one of these teams the .01 necessary to count a win. That’s pretty much the only oddity I could find.

Thanks, hope you enjoyed this, and I’ll send a reminder on Thursday! 

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