Week 9 Rosters and Scores

Here are the standings and scores. Congrats to the winners! 

Highest Scorer:

Scrantonicity 3: With a cool, even 150 points, Matthew and Scrantonicity 3 finally blew the doors open. In a week where over half of the league couldn’t break 100, Matthew’s team walloped last week’s highest scorer, Coconut Powerhouses. The method to Matthew’s madness however lay in a strategy that I’ve thought of, but have never been brave enough to employ. Simply use all of one team’s pass catchers. Matthew decided to dump the tea leaves instead of reading them, opting to roster Aiyuk, Deebo, and Kittle. Surely one of them will go off, right? Luckily they all scored double digits. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt when your two stud running backs combine for roughly 60. Well done, Scrantonicity 3.

Biggest Blowout:

Fatal Floms v Skid Marks; Coconut Powerhouses v Scrantonicity 3; Everybody Hates Deshaun v Min’s Mannschaft: Scrantonicity 3 had the biggest blowout by the letter of the law, and Skid Marks similarly smacked the Fatal Floms for nearly as much. However, I want to give the belt this week to Min’s Mannschaft for doubling up on Everybody Hates Deshaun in a 45 to 90 victory. This is the first biggest blowout in which the victor has sub-100 points AND the opponent actually submitted a real lineup. This is truly unprecedented. Let me repeat: Joe’s Deshaun Haters rostered REAL players like Toney, Cook, McNichols, and Tyrod. And everyone I listed save the starting QB actually won their real-life games. Min rode the coattails of Chubb to score a solid 1/3 of this points and got up big on the inferior squad. 

Closest Match:

why am i doing this vs I am the Law: I always eagerly hit the ‘sum’ function in the spreadsheet when I see a close matchup winding up. This week, however, the very first faceoff I scored was shaping to be a tight one. Sarah and Lawrence’s teams both shared the sensational Pat Friermuth and the ‘Fins D, which is a shame since they combined for ~40 points. Aside from that, Sarah’s team didn’t look like it would fair well with four consecutive, high-priced duds in Carr, Jones, Moss, and Lamb. That being said, Lawrence’s Law-themed team rostered exclusively tepid options, only breaking double digits for identical 12.9 outcomes from Singletary and Jeudy. In any case, it was a 1.98 margin of victory for why am i doing this to continue her path to a division win. 

Biggest Bust:

Kadarius Toney: You could really right a novella about the journey Giants fans have been on with this guy. Starting with the draft, he was seen as a reach at pick 20 by the Gettle Man himself. Then he began training camp on the COVID reserve. To begin the season, he started slow to say the least. However, with Danny Dimes throwing the balls up, who could really argue. However, in week 5 Toney truly broke out with a 10 catch, 189 yard song-and-dance. That outing led Fantasy managers to believe that Toney could be a value play against the porous Raiders. Yet, Toney scored a measly 1.7 points for four teams in week 9. Whomp whomp. 

Best Find:

Matt Ryan: Now Ryan’s 28.52 points may seem like a pedestrian score, but if you look across the board he was the #3 QB on the week. Ryan looked like vintage Matty Ice with a 343 and 2 TD box score. Rob and the Krusty Krab Pizzas won by about 20 points, and it’s not too far a stretch to see that if he had played one of the more rostered options like Burrow, White, Tyrod, Jones, Allen, Carr (the list goes on) Rob probably would’ve lost! Matt Ryan was a true roster mismatch in an otherwise pretty tight tet-a-tet. Chubb and Lamar may have posted the overall top scores among the Fantast field, but my hat tips to Matt Ryan and a hopeful resurgence to 2016 form. 

Weekly Oddity

No Fantasy oddities, instead Week 9 was an oddity all to itself. A scant glance at the scores on the week can tell you that much. 

Thanks, hope you enjoyed this, and I’ll send a reminder on Thursday! 

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