Week 10 Rosters and Scores

Here are the scores. Congrats to the winners! 

Looking at the standings, it may be time to think about the playoffs. In the Doc Division, 3/4 teams have even divisional records; meanwhile in the Dopey and Sneezy Division, 3/4 teams have even overall records at a stout 6-4. Three teams stand at an impressive divisional first place with 7-3, while many other top spots are up for grabs. Four weeks left till playoffs, and week 14 is the final divisional matchup. Time to pony up! 

Highest Scorer:

Adam Schefter’s Sources: This was not a high flying week by any means whatsoever. A few player combinations really shelled out, but otherwise Week 10 was a low scoring affair across the board. Point in case: Jake’s squad who topped off the league with 122.84 points. This team rode the coattails of some old reliables like Davante Adams and Josh Allen, who finally pitched a half-decent game after a couple duds. But Jake also smartly played the backup game to deploy D’Ernest Johnson who earnestly looks like a stud. However his 99 yard performance surely killed many a prop bet that predicted he’d hit 100. The Sources also lucked out with a three catch performance from Conklin, in which two of those nabs were inside the endzone. His other player who caught three balls was DK, but this team was able to weather the storm and put up fine numbers against an impressive roster from the Nut Taps. 

Biggest Blowout:

She Sucks My Boswell vs Tight Ends Only: We shift our sights to the volatile Happy Division, where aside from the Scorebox Munchers, 2nd 3rd and 4th place are in total flux. Charlie’s Tight Ends won by 31.34 points, a decently modest blowout compared to the fireworks of previous weeks. From the get-go, it’s plain to see where everything Wentz wrong. The Colts’ QB threw for under 200 yards and 0 TDs after two weeks of 230+ yard, 3 TD outings. Quite the dissapoinWentz. The two rivals washed out on D’ErWentz Johnson and both picked different Wentzburgh receivers with Diontae proving to be the better option. Charlie’s team scored double digWentz points until his titular tight end positWentz failed to catch his sole target. Even so, Kenneth and the Boswells had an unforced error negating 6(wentz) points with a Browns blownout to mirror his own team. If Kenneth had chosen nearly any other DefWentz or any other QB this most likely would have been at least a close match. NeverWentzless, they lost.

Closest Match:


If you read these writeups, I implore you to examine every score in the attachment below. This week was absurd. SIX teams lost by 5.5 or fewer. Even more teams lost within margins of 10. However, we encountered perhaps the most frustrating margin of victory yet with Joe’s Everybody Hates Deshaun triumphing over Team Blumpkins with a nominal .42 points. In our league’s scoring, that’s fewer points than a catch. That is barely more than 4 yards. That is right over 10 passing yards thrown. Did Mason Rudolph’s five quarters of playtime give him the edge? Or was it the fact that Gage couldn’t haul in any of his 3 targets? This score is basically a tie. If the two teams were running a foot-race, Joe’s team essentially had a longer nose and technically had the photo finish. Everyone who lost by a small margin should be mad. 

Biggest Bust:

TJ Hockenson & Russell Gage: Logic would dictate that volume and necessity reign supreme in Fantasy Football. When there is an absence of reliable weapons, the talent and availability will prove out. This certainly would at least appear to be the case with the Lions and Falcons. The Lions’ best pure wideout is….Quentus Cephus? Thus, all Fantasy managers would assume that the 1st round drafted TE Hockenson could eat up targets (he already has 101 for 723 yards this year). However, Fantasy managers cannot predict what wasteland Jared Goff will transmute the Holy Gridiron to: Fantasy Hell. Hockenson went 0 for 1 and doomed three teams for a 0 burger. Gage put up the same performance with triple the disappointment at three targets. Ridley is out; Cordarrelle sprained his ankle mid-game; and the Falcons were in an abysmal deficit. All this should drum up an oxymoronically delicious phenomenon: garbage time. Yet, no. Gage sucked and gave four teams the equivalent of coal for Christmas. 

Best Find:

The Backup Running Backs : If you fielded a roster, there is a very, very high likelihood that you played one of James Conner, Mark Ingram II, D’Ernest Johnson, Brandon Boldon, Boston Scott, or Kenyan Drake. Out of those 6 RBs, only Drake quasi-busted for 5.1, but at least he didn’t completely goose your team. All the others backs scored double digits with Conner, Ingram, and Johnson passing 20! This certainly does not bode well for the ever-argued Running Back Value conundrum, but it does bode well for Fantasy managers who want to score cheap points without wasting a blue-chipper like Chubb, Kamara, or Harris. Parents, don’t let your babies be running backs. 

Weekly Oddity

1) Mark Ingram was rostered by 6 teams. In 4/6 of those instances, he was paired with D’Ernest Johnson in order to net 40+ points for all of those teams.

2) By week 10, there are a number of players that folks may have forgotten that they already played. This led to some blanks/last minute replacements. Furthermore, many people tried to play footballers who were either ruled OUT, on IR, or simply not starters. Perhaps most hilariously, in the matchup between Rob and Matthew, Matthew started the backup Andy Dalton. To boot, both had a blank wideout. For Matthew, he tried to play Eric Ebron, a tight end, there, while Rob tried to get Julio out there despite his injury designation. Nice try, guys! 

3) Connor and the Munchers were able to secure an 8 point victory without even playing a Defense. Who knows, if he had played the Browns or the Raiders that might’ve come close to costing him the game. Savvy move or dumb luck? You decide. 

4) EIGHT TEAMS won their matchups despite fielding a big, fat ZERO in the lineup. I guess it’s true what they say: Fantasy Managers make their plans and God laughs. 

Thanks, hope you enjoyed this, and I’ll send a reminder on Thursday! 

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