Week 7 Recap and Week 8 Reminder

Afternoon to all! 

This serves as your reminder to play any Ravens or Bucs for tonight’s TNF game.

As a tiny housekeeping note, I got no rebuffs to the rule changes, so we’ll go forward. HTTWFT will be the unfortunate first recipient for -50 total points. Also, we’re trying to get Taysom Hill tight end eligible going forward. There may be some kinks to be ironed out though.

Anyways, here’s the recap – enjoy. 

Highest Scorer:

Freak of Nature (153.24): I checked and was surprised to see that the Freaks have not been the highest scorer yet this season. This is shocking considering their second-place point total, but not so surprising if you’ve been tracking their weekly scores. In any case, 153 was enough to top out the rest this week. Weathering the pedestrian performances of Carr, Tonyan, Succop and the Pats would be a nail-biter for most rosters, but not Sel’s squad. He shelled out on top-end talent ’round the league, deploying the 2nd round rookie Walker. He opted for the resurgent Josh Jacobs and his brother-in-arms, Davante Adams. And lastly, he found diamonds in the formerly talented rough with JuJu and Scary Terry. This is less “stars and scrubs” and more “stars scrubbing the other team off the board. I’ve said it before and I’ll warn everyone again – look out for this guy; he means business. 

Biggest Blowout

Ghost of Goodell’s Past vs  End Zone Jones (76.72): This one was a pain to watch come down the pike. For yours truly, I was banking on a close matchup and some pop-up touchdowns. Surely chance will come my way. Alas, no. The Titans even did an unexpected 20 burger on defense to amount to nothing. Enough about me though, it’s time to shine the spotlight on Alan and the marvelous roster he put together. Jimmy G was a value, coming in at QB #11. End Zone Jones’ RB corps nearly totaled 70 themselves, not to mention likely future HOF-ers Tyreek and Dhop to lead the WR trio. The star was Jason Meyers though to put up 16 points! How often can you nail that? End Zone Jones is probably upset that the lead didn’t stretch even more with the goose in Mark Andrews.  

Closest Match:

Heartbreak Tennessee vs Joc Pederson’s Pearls (.34): Just take a look at this brutal slate of matchups. Seven matchups were within 15 points. Two matchups were within 0.6 points. But here again, Heartbreak Tennessee lives up to their name. It’s also rare that neither team even used the same player! In fact, it is bizarre the way it even got close. The only identical position was kicker and only the quarterbacks were in the same ballpark. Andie suffered two duds and a disappointing outing with Robert Woods, while Luke pretty much batted on average, scoring respectably at every position. It’s even sadder when you consider the impact this has on the standings. This puts the Pearls in a firm second place, while it renders the Tenns in the bottom echelon. Better luck next week, there’s always a chance. 

Biggest Bust

Romeo Doubs & Michael Gallup (0 points): In a perfect world, these two guys score around about 12 a pop. That shouldn’t be too hard Rodgers has gotta turn it around eventually and Gallup is a true threat in a simple offense. Wrong. No matter how many times you think you’ve cracked the code in fantasy, you’ll just be wrong. Four teams played on of these dinguses and it cost them a loss on a positional head-to-head. This has got to be one of the more frustrating fantasy seasons in recent memory. 

Best Find

Juju Smith-Schuster (25.4):  Just when you thought I was out, they pull me back in. That’s how it feels with the former reception crown of ages old. The KC offense feels like a roulette wheel, except they’re all red. Impossible to bet on or predict. This week was the Juju week though – 7 on 8 targets for 124 and a touchdown. It’s a nice salve and reminder to us of just what Mahomes is capable of. Will this be sustainable? Probably not. But to the four teams that played him, it’s ok because they all won their matchups. 

Weekly Oddity

The weekly oddity is that the three teams that played Josh Jacobs also played Ken Walker III. And in fact, two of those teams faced off, resulting in Freaks highest score. 


  1. Freak 
  2. Joc
  3. Inches
  4. Good Guys
  5. Two Girls
  6. why
  7. Bob Barker
  8. Women 
  9. Skid Marks
  10. Mills
  11. Munchers
  12. End Zone
  13. Skegs
  14. Kingpins

That’s it! Have a great rest of your week and I hope you enjoyed the write-up. 

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