Week 8 Recap and Week 9 Reminder

Afternoon to all! 

This serves as your reminder to play any Texans or Eagles for tonight’s TNF game.

Highest Scorer:

Ridley Casino Emporium (176.98): The slots sure hit! Flom’s squad has made a massive change from season to season. Busting open the casino doors with a whopping 177 is surely a statement to the rest of the very tight Dachshund division. How did the mad man go on such a winning streak? On dolphin-back. Tua and Waddle were phin-tastic. As the number one rated passer on the week, Tua is continuing to dominate the fantasy scoreboards. Who else could aide this team but D’Onta Foreman who recorded three touchdowns and a two-point conversion. Perhaps a career day for the perennial backup. The high point-totaling players doesn’t end there though! Kyle Pitts scored, Rondale Moore did well, and only his kicker performed sub double digits. Keep it up and see you in the playoffs! 

Biggest Blowout

Heartbreak Tennessee vs Bob Barker’s House of Pain (85.56): A matchup among friends turned into a fatal dustup. Luke may have only won two games since taking over for the former Kansan-er, but he has rallied in the points department, already passing Jalen Hurts Better Be Good. Despite disappointments from Burrow, Mostert, and Greg Joseph, Heartbreak Tennessee brought the Pain to the House of Mr. Barker. Banking on a former and current Titan, this team blew the doors off Garret. Across the gridiron, Bob Barker basically dropped like a puck in a game of plinko. You’d really only be happy with Mariota if this was your roster, but you’d be severely unhappy with everything else. Better luck next time. 

Closest Match:

Pay Day Gray vs Jalen Hurts Better Be Good Or Else (2.74): Staying in the Rottweiler division, we visit what feels like the 50th time these two have faced off. Every time that Joe and Gray play, it feels personal – and I can only imagine what the texts look like. With no shared players, they both tallied similar scores among their rosters. Pollard did well for the Eagles’ fan meanwhile Waddle ran it up. Jacobs flunked for Joe while Eno was more like ‘oh no’. Both their tight ends were solid budget plays. And even Joe was able to weather a total stinker of a Carr shutout. But if you’re looking for where it happened, it probably comes down to James Robinson who rushed for 17 yards on five measly carries. That simply won’t get it done. 

Biggest Bust

Raheem Mostert (7.7 points): While Mostert may have never been Mr. Reliable, you kinda expect more than 7.7 in a 31 point win by the dolphins. This is compounded by just how phenomenal Tua, Waddle, and Hill were for fantasy. The Dolphins actually rank 27th in overall rushing, so maybe our expectations are misplaced. 10 teams played the former 49er but it appeared to not really affect the teams all that much. Four out of those selections washed. Three won and three lost. 

Best Find

D’Onta Foreman (31.8):  As mentioned above in Flom’s victory, Foreman balled out. While the Panthers are on a one-way ticket to the first overall pick in next year’s draft, D’Onta d’onta care. A week ago he had 17 opportunities; this week he had 27. Strangely only one of those opportunities was a pass attempt, but that was never his specialty anyway. Those with decent memories will recall a while back when Foreman filled in for Derrick Tractorcito Henry on the Titans. He was great! We should’ve seen this coming in CMC’s absence. Will Chubba Hubbard make a dent when he’s healthy? Time will tell. 

Weekly Oddity

Not so much an oddity but an inevitability – Skid Marks and Freak of Nature have officially crossed the 1,000 point threshold! Truly an accomplishment and in style, seeing as they faced off against each other. 

Five of the 16 matchups played the same defenses.

And even if it doesn’t fit in this format, there was no where else to point out that Scrantonicity 4 played Christian McCaffrey for 40.26 points and lost. Frowny face. 


  1. Good Guys 
  2. Skid
  3. why
  4. Joc
  5. Mills
  6. Inches
  7. Bob Barker
  8. Ghost 
  9. Freak
  10. Kingpins
  11. Munchers
  12. Moose
  13. End-Zone
  14. Dez

That’s it! Have a great rest of your week and I hope you enjoyed the write-up. 

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