Week 17 Recap (Finale preview)

“Remember – the wind blows harder the closer you get to the mountaintop.”


Two people who need no reminder of that axiom would be Saquon Deez Nuts and The Hens. Ladies and gentlemen, between those two we have a new winner and champion of BIG LEAGUE FANTASY FOOTBALL. Through the mire of 36 teams, 17 weeks, and 153 unique players rostered, those two have risen to the top! They have summarily trounced, stomped, defeated, triumphed, and beaten the rest of you losers to get here. Was it easy? No, surely not. Was it worth it? Undoubtedly. One of them will receive the hefty second-place prize of $225 and the other winner will inherit not only the crown but a delicious $460 end-of-year bonus.

The two titans of fantasy this year emerged victorious after battling the tributes from the high-scoring Peach division, End Zone Jones & She Sucks My Boswell. While Alan and Kenneth were the main characters of this season, they just couldn’t muster it when it came most important. The Hens were just waiting on a single catch from Justin Jefferson before they clanked their champagne on NYE (no, really. the score was exactly tied right before the GB/MIN game). Across the way, Saquon put up a casual 153.28 points in the penultimate week of all fantasy. Seriously?! If I were Boswell, I’d be doing some combination of scratching or banging my head against the wall asking ‘How in the world can they play CMC, AJ Brown, and Travis Kelce? That being said, the clear highlight among their roster is the resurgence of Davante Adams who apparently came out of hibernation for this near 40-point performance.

In any case, End Zone Jones and Boswell still have something to play for. Just a cool hundred bucks or so. We’ll keep the write-up to this brief recap for now. Next week I’ll do a big to-do digging into the divisions and the teams. Matthew, also, will compile a neat statistical breakdown of the season.

In the meantime, get your bets in on who wins! I’m setting the line at Saquon Deez Nuts -15.5 points. O/U 283.5 points.

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