Week 9 Recap and Week 10 Reminder

Afternoon to all! 

This serves as your reminder to play any Panthers or Falcons for tonight’s TNF game.

Highest Scorer:

She Sucks My Boswell (184.82): This was a long time coming for Kenneth and the Boswells. Despite leading the Huskie division in points, he sits in last place, winless in divisional games. Last year, this squad put up blowout after blowout, but for some reason, Kenneth has just not found his footing. That was until last week. His team truly erupted for a 60 point margin of victory. Even though the number one and two RB and WR were expended on this roster (Ekeler and Kupp), the Boswells were able to scrape together some stellar games from otherwise mid-tier players. Josh Palmer, Garrett Wilson, and Isiah Likely all proved to be decent bargain barrel plays, but the NE Pats really came down the pike to crush the Colts. I’ll leave you with this – Sam Ehlinger was sacked 9 times for a loss of 60 yards. Good luck, Jeff Saturday. 

Biggest Blowout

She Sucks My Boswell vs  (63.64):  We return to the very same matchup to perform an autopsy on Gray’s L. The man played studs by the likes of Justin Jefferson, Derrick Henry, and Nick Folk (highest-scoring kicker on the week). All performed so admirably, that, if asked blindly, you’d probably pick this team to win. But wait, there’s more! Gray even neutralized Kenneth’s savvy play of backup Raven’s TE, Likely, and third-stringer Charger, Palmer. If football can teach us anything though, it’s that games are won in the trenches. The point disparity between Fields v Goff; Sanders v Jackson; Wilson v MVS; and Pats v Vikes was simply too much to overcome. Those four matchups favored Kenneth by 74.74 points alone. Sheesh. 

Biggest Bust

Deon Jackson (5.6 points): I’m tempted to just hand this award to the Colts as an organization. After scoring major brownie points by calling out Dan Synder, Jim Irsay fired Franch Reich, despite this team starting a red-shirt rookie from the 6th round, being Jonathan Taylor-less, and putting the entire Lucas Oil Stadium on Michael Pittman Jr.’s back. Ultimately, for fantasy purposes, the finger-pointing is targeted at Jackson. Everyone was hoping to get in on the action after his dominance a few weeks ago, but New England put him out like a fire extinguisher. The Colts were at minus odds to win the division pre-season but look, at times, to be a bottom-five team in the league. Yet they beat the Chiefs in week 3. Better luck next time, pal. 

Best Find

Justin Fields  (42.72):  The most rushing yards by a quarterback in a game. Ever. Wow. Edging out Vick for the title by five yards, Fields’ 178 yards must’ve been cathartic for Bears fans everywhere. The former Buckeye has flashed in spurts but it always felt like he’s being held back somehow. The Bears have virtually no shot at being relevant this season, but this hopefully can indicate that they’ll at least be fun to watch. 15 carries were the most he’s had through the season, but fantasy managers everywhere will hope to see that tick up for more fantasy goodness. The last tid bit here is that the four teams to roster Fields all won their matchup. 

Honorable mention: Joe Mixon (55.1)


  1. Good Guys 
  2. Freak
  3. Joc
  4. why
  5. Mills
  6. Inches
  7. Bob Barker
  8. Women
  9. Skid
  10. Kingpins
  11. Moose
  12. Score-Box
  13. Two Girls
  14. End Zone

That’s it! Have a great rest of your week and I hope you enjoyed the write-up. 

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