Week 10 Recap and Week 11 Reminder

Afternoon to all! 

This serves as your reminder to play any Titans or Packers for tonight’s TNF game.

Some housekeeping! Since the inclusion of the Playoff Watch, I’ve gotten a few comments concerning the seeding. To clarify, all the division winners get in, plus a week 1 bye. They are tiered by overall record, then division wins, then points. The remaining spots from 9-13 are decided by the same criteria. The final 14th spot goes to the remaining team that had the most points. 

Now, some folks have suggested that inter-divisional wins shouldn’t be weighted so heavily and head-to-head matchups or overall points should be considered instead. I’m open to this and want to hear feedback! Playoffs for our league will go from weeks 15-18, so we have time to figure out exactly what everyone wants. Please get back to me if you have suggestions, or want to implement something different. Thanks! 

On to the recap. 

Highest Scorer:

Southport Skegs (172.48): Wow, wow, wow. The Skegs came out a-swinging. Fields continues to assert his dominance on the gridiron. Connor, Pollard, and Diggs did their usual 20-something. But it was Cole Kmet that made the difference. This might be the year of the death of the tight end. If you don’t have Kelce or Andrews, you’re likely scrambling on any given week. Goedert has been good, Giesicki had a week, Taysom Hill continues to be a problem – but no one has been what you’d call reliable except the two aforementioned stalwarts. Enter Kmet on Week 10 of the NFL. Four for 74 and two touchdowns is a massive way to break the ceiling. Also, consider that his longest catch was 50 yards! Pollard and Fields neutralized in this Divisional tilt, but Colin was finally able to nab a win over the powerhouse of the Pearls. 

Biggest Blowout

Gothom vs Women in S.P.O.R.T.S (148.88):  We’re going here. After a solid roster last week, Gothom came out to dud it on Sunday. With this no-show, Gothom loses a win and becomes the worst overall record among us. Not only that, but the point totals are startling. The point gap between Freak of Nature and Gothom roughly equates to 4-1. It’s truly remarkable. The second worst record, HTTWFT, has double Gothom’s points. But let’s shine a light on Brooke’s Women who trotted out a very impressive lineup. The S.P.O.R.T.S team would’ve beaten 27/32 of the league. Sheesh! That’s not all too surprising when you notice that Justin Jefferson AND Justin Fields were rostered. Justins came out to play. We’ll see soon enough how the season finishes for the paltry Pit Bull Division. 

Closest Matchup

Loose Ends Only vs Freak of Nature (8.98): One of the larger close matchups, but perhaps one of the most important victories. Freak of Nature has been flambĂ©ing the league for two and a half months with not even an ounce of mercy. Highest scores, blowouts, and a league-leading highest point total would shine on Sel’s MVP trophy this year. This was his lowest score since Week 6, and Charlie and the Ends just wanted an easy victory. While no players were neutralized in this matchup, the positional comparisons were very tight. But let’s not disrespect the lineup Charlie put together because he wanted to win in style with Josh Allen, CMC, D-Hop, Waddle, Kelce, and A.J Brown. If you were to compile this roster in a re-draft league, you’d need all first-round picks. But the death knell was Arthur Juan Brown Sr. who recorded one catch for all of seven yards. 21 feet was all that A.J was able to carry the pigskin. What a pity. In any case, Freak of Nature gets to grip the two seed for another week, beating out Skid Marks. 

Biggest Bust

 A.J Brown (1.7 points): A.J, you’re not getting off this easy. It was almost a year to the day since  A.J Brown had recorded a similar performance. On 11/14/2021, he pulled in a catch for 16 yards. So this was worse, but it was 9/26/2021 when he last had no catches (3 rushing yards though – never change, Titans). Brown made his bread on the Titans having boom/bust performances of explosions and false alarms. But this year, he has been one of the most coveted wideouts to have this year. The players who’ve scored more are a murderer’s row of future HOF-ers: Hill, Diggs, Jefferson, Kupp, Adams, Waddle, Christian Kirk (somehow), Lamb then Brown. He’s been one of the principal engines of the revelation that is the Philly Birds. But on Monday night, the All-Pro just flopped against one of the worst teams in the NFL. Four teams played him and only one won – the team that played me. Oh, well. 

Best Find

Justin Freaking Fields (39.38) We’re back. One half of the league opted for the dual-threat maniac. The buck trucking Buckeye. The Chicago sure-fire missile. The Bear that won’t back down. Here’s a stat for you. As I mentioned last week, Fields rushed for the most yards EVER by a Quarterback. Vick has the next two highest (not surprising). Lamar comes in at fourth with 152; Colin Kap is right behind with 151. In 1951, someone named Tobin Rote ran for 150, and guess who’s next? Fields from this past Sunday. Two back-to-back weeks and the man has 2/7 top ground-games EVER. Even though 16 teams played him, and many neutralized, you absolutely have to give your flowers to this ascendant star. Keep it up! 

Weekly Oddity

While not strictly an oddity, we once again have to give a round of applause to Luke and the Heartbreaks. Last year, this fantasy manager was among the repeat offenders for empty lineups. This year, not only does he come in halfway through to rescue a team, but, in short order, he climbs to second in the division, second in divisional points, and a contender for a playoff spot. Well done to you – especially in a division littered with football nerds. 

The Labrador Division now has 25 total wins to the Pit Bull’s 12. Sad face. Furthermore, The Pit Bull Division is the sole group yet to cross the 1,000 point threshold, despite three divisions having everyone there! 

With this win, the Southport Corridor Strawberry Samoyeds enter the playoff fray for the first time, coming in at the 10 seed! Don’t call it a comeback, but Matt’s not out of the race quite yet. 


  1. Good Guys
  2. Freak
  3. why
  4. Mills
  5. Inches
  6. Joc
  7. Bob Barker
  8. Women
  9. Skid
  10. Samoyeds
  11. Kingpins
  12. Dez
  13. Skeg
  14. Boswell

That’s it! Have a great rest of your week and I hope you enjoyed the write-up. 

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