World Cup Recap Week 11 Recap and Thanksgiving Week 12 Reminder

Belated recap of week 11!!

With the advent of the World Cup – we’ll take that lens for this week’s recap: 

Golden Boot: Southport Corridor Strawberry Samoyeds (161.04)

For FIFA purposes, this award goes to the individual who scores the most goals in a single World Cup tournament. For our purposes, it will go to the highest-scoring team – Matt’s Samoyeds. This is the fourth win in a row for the Southport Corridor team and they show no signs of slowing down. A few weeks ago, this team sat quite firmly at the bottom of the division – the season being a lost cause. But now, this squad is tied on division record with one loss down from the lead. Only 70 points separate Matt from Andie on total points as well. It may have taken a solid lineup to get him here (replete with Ekeler, Higgins, Cooper, and the Ravens) but the Long Team Name has entrenched themselves as contenders for the title. 

Golden Ball: Joc Pederson’s Pearls

In the World Cup the Golden Ball is granted to the ‘best overall player’. I am honorarily giving this to Andie’s team. With this week’s wins, the Chihuahua Division overtakes the Labrador Division for the most wins in the league. At the helm, rests Joc Pederson’s Pearls; and while the Baseball World Championship is over and done with, this team is not. This squad receives the award for pulling out the closest win. 1.98 points separated the Pearls and the House of Pain. Aside from washing out on Cortland Sutton, the teams put up fairly similar lineups. James Conner and Antonio Gibson were practically identical, meanwhile Cooks only outscored Lamb by 0.5. Andie even had to weather a 0 burger and suboptimal kicking and defensive performances. But any Golden Ball has to come with a showcase performance – and this one was Kittle. Folks, play your tight ends against the Cards. They simply can’t guard that position. In any case, watch this team for their inevitable playoff run.  

Golden Glove: Tony Pollard (36.9)

Typically reserved for the Defensive Player of the Tourney, I am opting to give this to the player who preserves your team and keeps you buoyed. Tony freakin’ Pollard. Time to put some respect on this man. Six years for $90 Million Dollars. That’s the contract for one Ezekial Elliot. Four years for $3,187,780 – the backup. Tony Pollard is 4th among running backs with 8 total touchdowns and 9th in the league for total rushing yards. He’s fifth in yards per carry, and when you remove Quarterbacks, he is second with an astonishing 5.6 yards a clip. He is 15th in total attempts (just four shy of Zeke who has 140) and is firmly a top-ten RB for fantasy. In plain English – this guy is so, so good. Every time I watch him go up the middle, it looks like he gets another yard and a half more than anyone else. To bring it back to our league, two teams played the man for Week 11, and both teams won. 

Red Flag: Kadarius Toney (0.0)

The term ‘Red Flag’ needs no exposition. But this week has only one candidate for the game-ending death knell. Kadarius Toney has been touted as Tyreek Jr., an Athletic Phenom, an Unnatural Force, and also Yung Joka (his rap pseudonym). But is he really? Here are his career stats through two seasons: 15 games played (out of 29 eligible); 47 catches on 68 receptions; 489 scrimmage yards for a ~30 average per game. Oh – and one total tuddy. This guy may be a better Olympian, running a 4.38 at his Pro-Day. In any case, a whopping TEN TEAMS played the second-year first-rounder, only for him to exit the game with an injury. Utterly devastating. Of those 10 teams, in the cases where they didn’t wash out, only one team was able to pull out a win. I wonder why. Red flag. 


This was going to be the weekly oddity section, but there’s nothing that truly applies now. However, at one point on Sunday, three teams touted these scores: 66.6, 77.77, and 88.88. 

World Cup Table: 

  1. Good Guys
  2. Skid
  3. Joc
  4. why
  5. Mills
  6. Inches
  7. Women
  8. Bob Barker
  9. Freak
  10. Samoyeds
  11. Dez
  12. Skegs
  13. Kingpins
  14. Boswell

Let me know if you have any questions! Good luck! 

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