Champ Week

Hello, one and all! 

We arrive at Championship week in a rather unique situation, but before that…we are still waiting on dues from Score-box Munchers, HTTWFT, and our reigning champs Inspire Money Initiative (ironic). 

In any case, due to the (thankfully improving) Demar Hamlin medical situation, the Bills/Bengals game was not completed and seems unlikely to be resumed this season. Other fantasy apps have simply said, the season is over now – whoever was ahead in points is the victor. Others have opted for co-Championships. In our case, we have four players who did not finish their game in earnest: 

Joc: Tyler Bass

Good Guys: Ja’Marr Chase

Dez: Allen & Diggs

Thankfully, we’ve come to an interesting solution. Since all four managers would need to submit lineups this week (either for the fight for 3rd or the tilt for 1st), they will all submit a competitive lineup. However, the aforementioned players’ points for this week (w18) will count for last week’s (w17) team point total. Hence, if Allen and Diggs beat Dez’s deficit from this past week, Dez will move on to fight for first or second. Alternatively, if the points don’t eclipse Inches’ total, then Inches will move on to the championship round. 

Payouts and a season-long deep-dive will come next week. 

If you have any questions or concerns let me know! Best of luck! 

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